Karen Grigg joined FBB in March 2006. Although she was fairly new to Bluegrass, she enjoyed singing gospel music for many years and is an active member of her local church where she sings in the choir, in the ladies trio, and as a soloist.

She was raised on country music with a little Bluegrass and Gospel Music mixed in but her love for Bluegrass really began when a friend gave her some Doyle Lawson CD's (does it get any better?) and she began frequenting the monthly Bluegrass shows at at a local jam near her home. A couple of years later she was singing at a wedding when at the rehearsal she met a couple of local musicians who asked her to sing harmony with their group, Southland. Being a part of Southland was a privilege that opened the door to the Bluegrass world and the wonderful people who support it.

"Bluegrass music and Bluegrass people just make you feel good", she says. "They're friendly, fun-loving, God-fearing people that are a joy to be around". She especially likes the Gospel Bluegrass music.

With FBB, Karen enjoys singing lead and harmony vocals, playing mandolin and making new friends and meeting the fans.

When she's not playing or listening to music she also enjoys NASCAR racing, Civil War reenacting and Virginia Tech football. She & her husband, Randy, currently make there home in Carrollton, Virginia and is a member of Tidewater Bluegrass Music Association (TBMA) and the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA).