Playing Upright Bass with the band is Alabama native, Fred Staggs. Fred started on the bass fiddle in the high school band when the band director gave him a bass and book on how to play. He is self taught and started playing country music with his brother in the mid 1950�s. He and his brother were influenced at an early age by the Rock & Roll music of the 1950's and they performed in several Rock & Roll bands during that era. His earliest recording session was in Nashville in 1958 while he was still in high school. After graduating from college, Fred moved to Virginia in 1962, to work and eventually retire from NASA, and became interested in Bluegrass after his arrival. He has played and recorded in several Bluegrass bands in the Virginia. He is well known in the Bluegrass community for his "walking" and "slapping" techniques on the Upright Bass. Fred has twice won the Virginia State Championship for Bass Fiddle (1991 & 92). He and his wife, Barbara, live in Dare, Virginia.